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Thursday, March 16th, 2017
4:10 pm
Blacks and Whites Should Oppose Liberal Immigration Policy and This is Why...
Historically, America was always about 80-90 per cent white and about 10-20 per cent black. About the time the Civil Rights movement won its great victories in the mid twentieth century, offering up the possibility that long seeded racial division might finally reach a proper resolution, a very, very liberal immigration policy changed everything. Suddenly millions of people who were neither white nor black and who were not connected to the history of this nation began streaming in.
Now the nation is about half white, about fourteen per cent black and the rest are a variety of minorities who have no long range history here but like to piggy back off of historic troubles that have nothing to do with them so they can claim all sorts of "rights" based on grievances that blacks suffered.
As a result of the confusion caused by numerous groups with little to no legitimate grievance clamoring for some ill defined justice for perceived slights, the one group with a real claim has been losing traction in their fight to correct the misdeeds of the past.
Resources that over the last few decades should have been used to put an end to the misdeeds of the past and finally unite black and white Americans have instead been diluted by the presence and unjustified complaining of minority groups that should be grateful that liberal policies allowed them to immigrate here at all. In these decades the condition of many black Americans has actually worsened as other minority groups have jumped in front of them in the line for attention.
America needs to reboot its immigration policy and spend the next generation focusing on policies that will allow long festering internal wounds to heal before allowing aggrieved people from other parts of the world to divert our attention from the American struggle. Since we have citizens in one of our cities drinking lead tainted water and an apparent inability to solve that problem, this is simply not the time to take in "refugees" from elsewhere. With the crumbling of inner cities, the conflicts between citizens and law enforcement and the ongoing disparities in wages and quality of life between whites and blacks, the time of liberal immigration policies must end. Because at the end of the day, unless your ancestors were held as slaves or suffered under the weight of the racial hatred of the post Civil War era prior to the Civil Rights victories, you have no business claiming America has harmed you in any meaningful way and you have no business jumping to the front of the line ahead of those who know what real suffering is like.

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Thursday, February 18th, 2016
8:54 pm
George Washington Carver Was More Than You Think He Was
Every February I wait for someone discussing Black History Month to say something about George Washington Carver and it almost never happens. When someone does talk about him, it's to briefly mention peanuts or peanut butter. What everyone misses out on is that Carver single handedly invented modern industrial engineering using a few plain tables, some bottles he collected from back alleys and some tubes he found. As just one example of how important he is to the world, Henry Ford derived several important products from soybeans using processes Carver created. Without those products, without those processes, the mass production of automobiles would not have happened. Carver's handiwork is in virtually everything being manufactured today unless it was made using pre-Carver methods, which almost never happens anymore. And it is important to note how he came up with it all

Everyday, Carver went out to the garden near his lab and talked to God, whom he called, "Mr. Creator." One day he asked Mr. Creator to show him the mysteries of His universe. He felt inside himself that the answer was, "little man, you are too small to understand the mysteries of My universe, but I will show you something smaller. Get some peanuts and take them apart."

Carver spent the next weeks looking for every possible way to take a peanut apart. He cut them, smashed them, boiled them, set them on fire, anything he could think of. When he was satisfied that he knew everything there was to know about how to take apart a peanut, he asked Mr. Creator what he should do next. The answer came to him, "now, put it back together." And with that, the entire world changed.
Monday, January 25th, 2016
12:24 pm
How You, Yes YOU, Can Solve the Flint Water Crisis
Between the liberals blaming Rick Snyder for Flint's debacle and the kind hearted people of the world sending cases of bottled water, it occurs to me that there is a simple solution to the crisis in Flint.

Do nothing.

Don't send them money. Don't send them water. Don't try to blame the governor. Do nothing. Go on about your business.

Now before you start, hear me out. Human beings are odd creatures. Left to their own devices they find a way to not only survive but to thrive. When, however, they are not left to their own devices, when everything is done for them and nothing is expected of them, they become weak and helpless and incapable of feeding themselves. Or in this case, incapable of getting themselves a glass of water.

For decades the people of Flint have done nothing to help themselves. When their city went into a tailspin from the auto industry leaving, they cursed the auto industry and then expected that someone else would help them. They looked to the state and the federal governments for aid, then any aid that came was quickly squandered on meaningless projects that lined the pockets of local politicians and their cronies but did nothing to improve the lot of the people. The people responded to that by continually re-electing corrupt and incompetent leaders and demanded nothing from them. As the city's infrastructure crumbled, as the crime rates became intolerable, as the school system became a joke, as more and more businesses viewed the city as a bad place to set up shop, the citizens refused to exact a price on the so called leaders who made themselves wealthy while doing nothing useful. As the city lurched toward bankruptcy, no one in city government had to do anything other than find someone else to blame for their failure because the people voting for them were willing to listen to those lies and believe them.

Now the inevitable disaster has hit. A combination of corruption, stupidity and incompetence on the part of the city government over the course of decades has made the water undrinkable. Feeble attempts to blame the governor do nothing to make the water cleaner, but it does give pause to some who otherwise might feel compassion. Smart people re-coil when they see the blame game being played and they view with skepticism those who make the loudest accusations. Any attempt to provide the people of the city with water paid for from the pocketbooks of others will only serve to allow those truly responsible to stay in power by relieving them of the consequence of their misdeeds. The people of Flint should be told to clean up their own mess. When left to their own devices, people have a way of suddenly becoming stronger than they ever thought they were. They begin to find ways to help themselves. Then they start looking for ways to help their friends and neighbors. Leaders, true leaders emerge from their numbers as the old, failed politicians are swept out of power and their cronies are brushed aside. The new leaders come to power with a mandate and the willingness of the people to support them as they fix the problems.

There are massive numbers of examples in history of people who in times of difficulty were helped by others only to become dependent on that help vs people forced to fend for themselves becoming strong and fully independent. Do not make the mistake of allowing misguided compassion to cause the people of Flint to become so weak minded that they are incapable of getting themselves a drink of water. If you truly want to help them, don't help them.
Saturday, March 28th, 2015
9:57 pm
Dear God
Dear God,
As we near the observance of what the Jewish people call Passover and what we Christians refer to as Easter, I would like to take a few moments to convey some thoughts to You.

To start off with, I would like to say thank You. I realize I don't say it often enough, but I do think You deserve to be thanked. There is a condition described by Paul in which a man finds himself not doing the things he should do. And the things he should not do, those are the things he does. Finding himself in this condition, the man asks who can deliver him from himself. In all of human history, in every culture and in every religion, the only answer to that question that makes sense is the one Paul gives by citing Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ as the answer to the dilemma. That is exactly what Jesus was sent to do and for that I thank You.

If You have any requests for me, I am open to hearing them and ask for Your input into what I should be doing differently. From my end, I will attempt to keep my ears, eyes and heart open to detect such input as You may see fit to provide to me in such manner as You may choose.

I realize that I am ludicrously far from perfect and I thank You both for Your forgiveness and for your patience. I apologize for it all and know that I should be trying to do better. I need Your help in so many ways and ask for Your guidance as I try to improve.

I have relatives and friends that need help and I am not adequate to the task. Help me to be better at helping them and please provide for them in the ways that I cannot.

If I were to ask anything for myself, it would be these three things. First, to be at peace with You in all areas of my life. I would like it very much if I could just breath easy where You are concerned. I am not always able to do that and I have myself to blame for that. Help me to have the ability to come boldly before You. Help me to relax and know that You are on my side. Second, to have the love of a good woman. You Yourself observed that it is not good for man to be alone. And I think I have proven Your observation to be true. I have been alone for a while now and I have not exactly been setting the world on fire. In the past I have shown myself to be a terrible judge of character when it comes to women. I would like very much for that personal failing to change for the better. Any help You may choose to offer in that regard would be appreciated. And third, not to sound too much like the lead in Fiddler on the Roof, but I would like to have a decent sized personal fortune. I am aware it is no shame to be poor, but it's no great honor either. A wealthy man can do more than a man who is not wealthy and I would like to do more, to be more. So, as Jabez asked in the Old Testament, I ask You to enlarge the place of my tent. Understanding of course that in my case, "tent" is a metaphorical term. I don't actually live in a tent. And for that, I thank You.

Lastly, the anniversary that is coming upon us means more than my limited knowledge base can articulate, but I am least smart enough to know this is a big time of the year. Thank You for this season and all that it is and all that it means. For what Jesus has done, for what You have done, for what the Holy Spirit has done, I am grateful.

Steve E. Cooper

Current Mood: hopeful
Sunday, March 22nd, 2015
7:25 pm
Just Give Me a Reason
Just give me a reason and I'll let you in,
I'm ready to grant the remission of sin.
A slightly bowed head or a single bent knee,
A few spoken words is all that I need.

I once heard a preacher say that God isn't mad.
He names us His children and Himself as our Dad.
He isn't trying to be harsh and condemn,
He looks for excuses to forgive us our sin.

Just give me a reason and I'll let you in,
I'm ready to grant the remission of sin.
A slightly bowed head or a single bent knee,
A few spoken words is all that I need.

After what Jesus did on the cross,
God isn't anxious to count us as lost.
The blood that was shed was precious and dear,
So even if you whisper, He'll surely hear.

Just give me a reason and I'll let you in,
I'm ready to grant the remission of sin.
A slightly bowed head or a single bent knee,
A few spoken words is all that I need.

Jesus says I Am the only one who
Decides in the end who will get through.
The good news is that I would love to say yes,
So take just one step and I'll do the rest.

Just give me a reason and I'll let you in,
I'm ready to grant the remission of sin.
A slightly bowed head or a single bent knee,
A few spoken words is all that I need.

Just give me a reason and I'll let you in,
I'm ready to grant the remission of sin.
A slightly bowed head or a single bent knee,
A few spoken words is all that I need.

Copyright March 22, In the Year of Our Lord 2015
All Rights Reserved
Steve Cooper, Author

Current Mood: artistic
Friday, November 21st, 2014
10:01 pm
Ode to Alexander Pushkin
Alexander Pushkin developed quite a scheme,
Beautifully written in iambic tetrameter.
And within the work itself, study Tatiana's dream.
Behold therein the mind admired by Charles, Leo and Fyodor.
Consider how the stanzas go on for fourteen lines.
Contained within, a rhyme scheme, both complex and sublime.
Devote yourself, dear reader, to Onegin's woeful tale;
Diminished by a role reversal, with Tanya he did fail.
Eugene was given much and little was required.
Fortune brought shallow leisure and therein became a bore.
Forsaking all, he retreated, then a letter came to his door.
Even as you read the tale and the story is admired,
Give heed I pray, to both the structure and content of the compilation;
Give heed, dear friend, to the literary giant of the early Russian nation.

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
1:37 pm
The Ballad of the Late Night Pick Up Artists

Tis a Saturday night and parties abound,
Marriage receptions are easily found.
What began with solemn vows exchanged in a church,
becomes dinner and dance and guys chasing skirts.

The food? It was decent, the cake was just fair.
But none of that matters, that's not why they're there.
The music blares loudly, the drinks freely pour,
And dozens of folk strut their stuff on the floor.

The girls in hot dresses, the guys in their suits,
Each of them thinking the other is cute.
The mood being set by the man with the sound,
Making each reveler lift their feet from the ground.

But into this scene of happiness lurks
A villain called Time and he has a quirk.
For by his command the party must end,
The music must stop, and then we begin.

Just prior to midnight, or perhaps one o'clock,
We make our arrival in a van at the dock.
The name of our flower shop proudly displayed
is our ticket to enter where the employees entre.

The scene doth play out both near and far,
Mostly in vans, but sometimes a car.
In banquet halls, tents and palatial estates
And sometimes a private golf course with locked gates.

We each know our locale, for all is spelled out
in paperwork that looks much like a route.
It's been assigned by our fearless leader Kathleen,
If you call her Kate, she'll know who you mean.

Entering the building with our cart from the rear,
We hear the loud music before we are near.
A quick check of the watch tells us we timed
Our arrival correctly, the bell soon will chime.

The party still going, we take just a peek
Through the rear doors we look, we scour, we seek
The gift table where our boxes do hide
under the skirting. There! Our info's bona fide!

Earlier that day our Princess, our Queen,
The lass we call Kate, or is it Kathleen?
Our leader assured us our boxes were there
She got it on word from the setting-up pair.

So now we just wait for the villain to strike,
Using his accomplice, the man with the mike.
The DJ announces the very last song,
I'll bet that it's Journey. Tell me I'm wrong.

So as Steve Perry sings Don't Stop Believin',
We get ready for the bobbin', the trippin', the weavin'.
The lights come up, through the crowd we do twirl,
Making our way through drunks in a swirl.

The bride does not see us as farewells she does make,
But back in the corner the vases we take.
The flowers inside are set on the table,
For we don't re-use them, that's just a fable.

Out pours the water, the gems and pin frogs
Into a colander, as the number we log.
The gems and pin frogs a bucket are shown,
The vases, now empty, find cardboard their home.

The bride doesn't notice as she heads out the door,
But we are half done and crossing the floor.
We've much left to do, though much is done,
We are invisible ghosts whose work is unsung.

Billy on a ladder, so easily balanced,
reaching for an ivory pipe and drape valance.
Patti blows out fire inside a gold merc,
She knows not to touch them, they're hot and they hurt.

Joan smiles easily and considers it fun
As the manager bellows out, "you should be done."
Britney scowls slightly because the boxes aren't there,
And says to herself, "this just isn't fair."

Maureen thinks it easy to deal with the sashes.
Untying tough knots? It's like batting eyelashes!
Michael and Kelly find it simple matters
to lift three vases at once and not one of them shatters.

Angela finishes fast and wins the night in a rout,
But really hates that her van's radio's out.
And the best part of doing a pick up on a late summer's eve?
Not having to listen to the constant bickering of Wendy and Steve.

The pick up now done, off to the shop with a shout!
To drop off the goods, the paperwork, then pout.
For the fun is now over until late next week,
When once again for pickups we seek.

We will check often in the manager's den,
And look for our names written therein.
To see if we've been assigned by Kate, our Queen,
Another nights pick up. Or is it Kathleen?

---Steve Cooper, August 26, 2014

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Monday, March 26th, 2012
10:17 am
It's Not About Fault or Blame, It's About Understanding
We like to believe we are a civilized nation. We are wrong. Trayvon Martin's death at the hands of George Zimmerman is proof of that. In a civilized nation, that death would not have occured. But not for the reasons you might think.

Thousands of years ago the world was a very dangerous place. No one knew who they could trust, so they trusted no one. A stranger approaching your home was viewed with great suspicion and rightfully so. It was better to pull out your weapons, kill first and ask questions later. It was how you and your family stayed alive.

Of course, this created great difficulty for strangers who bore no ill will. Innocent travelers constantly had to prove their were deserving of their own lives. So, in the interest of civility, a system had to be worked out to make it possible to welcome good strangers while warding off the ill intended.

It became common knowledge that there were certain behaviors that would allow you passage. Deviating from these norms would invite the pulling out of swords and spears. When you passed through someone else's land, you did so with great respect for them. You walked as if the land held no interest to you because you were only passing through. You removed any masks, helmets or hoods to show you were not trying to hide your identity, that you were a person of good will. If you encountered the inhabitants of the land, you understood that all decisions were theirs to make. They would decide if you seemed safe to them. It was your obligation to identify yourself to them, state your intentions and ask permission to pass through their land. If they granted permission, you could pass unmolested. If they refused, you respectfully backed away and looked for a different path to your destination. At all times, you showed deference to them, it was their land, they were in the right. Failure to follow the correct behavior could get you killed. Following the proper procedures could make it possible for you to make new friends or at least come to an understanding with the people who had every right to protect what was theirs.

Trayvon Martin was taught none of this. His parents, teachers, clergy all failed to teach him to have respect for others, to show deference where deference was due. He walked through a neighborhood that was not his and acted as if he had every right to do so. He stopped and looked at houses as if the houses held some interest to him. He wore a hood, a centuries old sign of criminal intent to hide one's identity. When confronted by a man who lived in the area, he refused to answer questions and demanded to know why he was being followed. When the confrontation turned physical, Martin seemed to be winning at first. He had Zimmerman on the ground and was pummeling the older, shorter, less athletic man. Zimmerman, defending his neighborhood and now in fear for his life, could feel blood escaping from a head wound. At some point in the fight, which he now believed to be a life and death struggle, he realized he was outmatched and likely to suffer further harm, possibly to the point of dying. He pulled his gun and defended his home, his neighborhood, his life against an attacker.

Trayvon Martin could have avoided all of that by simply saying, "hello, my name is Trayvon. I live a couple of blocks away and am just coming back home from a store. Would you like some Skittles?" Martin's defiant, in your face, "why are you following me" attitude was exactly the wrong way to deal with a man who was defending what was his. I am not saying he deserved to die. I am saying his lack of civility, his lack of understanding of how the world works caused him to make very bad decisions, which is what lead to Zimmerman's decision. A tiny amount of civility on Martin's part would have kept him alive.

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011
8:45 pm
Obama, Marinelli or A Bad Chef
It's time to play the trivia game that's sweeping the nation...Obama, Marinelli or A Bad Chef!
That's right, I'll recite a quote and you tell me whether it comes from someone who was talking about Barack Obama, former Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli when he was "leading" the team to an 0-16 season, or a bad chef.

1. He's trying really hard.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

2. He's a good person.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

3. He inherited a bad situation.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

4. A drunken lemur could do that job better than him.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

5. He just needs more time.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

6. He's always out golfing when he should be working.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

7. That guy gives me indigestion.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

8. It's his first time being in charge, so he's got a steep learning curve.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

9. He's been at this for several years now and it's only getting worse.

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

10. Why can't we just get rid of him and put someone else in there?

A. Obama
B. Marinelli
C. A Bad Chef

No matter how you answered, you got them all correct! Congratulations, you are smarter than Barack Obama, Rod Marinelli and a bad chef. Mind you, that doesn't mean I would eat your cooking, but I'd trust you to manage the Lions or the nation's economy before I'd trust Rod or Barack. Thanks for playing, vote smart, go Lions, try the veal and as always, tip your waitress.

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
2:55 pm
I Hear Barg's Has Bite
I am addicted to caffeine. More specifically, I am addicted to Pepsi. If I were to reveal how much of the stuff I drink, most people would express concern for my well being. But, today and tomorrow I will finish off a twenty four pack that I'm working on and that will be it for me. I won't quit caffeine, or even cola. Just Pepsi.

Recently I saw a posting on Facebook that linked to an article in which it was suggested that
Pepsi employs the services of a research company which uses cells from aborted fetuses in testing the taste of their diet products. The young lady who posted the link is pro choice, I am pro life. We are both disturbed by this prospect.

Two days ago I sent Pepsi an email with the article attached and asked them to tell me if it were true. I was hoping for a clear denial, a solid statement that said something to the effect that, "of course we're not using dead babies in our taste testing research and we're offended anyone would write such drivel about us." What I got was surprisingly less than that.

I received an email from a "no reply" address from a Pepsi public relations person who made two points in a carefully worded response. His first point was that the research company is not owned by Pepsi. His second point is that all research is being conducted in accordance with FDA regulations. Neither point address my concern. It appeared to be a deliberate sidestep. And since the email address will not accept emails, I can't use it to ask for a clarification, meaning I would have to start over at their web site with a new email if I wanted to continue the conversation with Pepsi. I won't and I don't. I simply won't be drinking their product anymore.

It won't be easy to quit, but it won't be impossible either. I like Faygo cola, don't mind RC and really enjoy an occasional root beer. I even enjoy Coke, in fountain form. If Pepsi can't give me a straight answer as to whether they are using dead babies to perfect their ability to get people to buy their products, then I will have little trouble freeing myself from them. I'm not THAT addicted.

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Thursday, July 7th, 2011
9:48 pm
Eric's Lying, People are Dying
Attorney General Eric Holder is refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation of the Fast and Furious operation, in which hundreds and hundreds of guns were sold by the government in an undercover deal to Mexican drug dealers. The government's idea was to then trace the guns and arrest the dealers. But they lost track of the weapons, which are now being used to kill hundreds of people, including Americans, including a border patrol agent. Eric Holder's DOJ has supplied documents at congress' request, but they are so completely redacted that many of the pages are nothing other than a big black square, covering everything that use to be on them. During Watergate, the Nixon Administration tried the same tactic, hiding behind "national security" to explain why they couldn't tell congress anything. The courts at the time ruled that withholding information to hide the truth was exactly the same as lying, or in legal parlance, committing perjury. Eric Holder is lying, people are dying.

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Thursday, June 16th, 2011
10:08 pm
Bad Country in Five Minutes or Less
The game is simple, you come up with an idea and you write a country song around it in five minutes or less. Minimum two verses and a chorus. This one was inspired by a recent storm.

Know When to Shut It Down
Written by Steve Cooper
All Rights Reserved, Copyright June 16, 2011

I was just a school boy,
Trucks were just big toys
'Least that's what I believed.
But when my Dad came home one night
And I asked what took him so long,
He explained to me

You gotta know when to back off,
Gotta know when to shut it down.
Sometimes it just ain't worth it
Trying to make it to the next town.
So kick off your boots, lay down your head,
That load won't go nowhere if your dead.
Ya gotta know when to shut it down.

Riding through Missouri,
Kind of in a hurry,
Got to get to Denver on time.
They say time is money
And I believe it, Honey
'Cause every second costs me a dime.
But when the big winds a blowin'
And the storm clouds are showing
The weatherman his own behind,
Those words from my Daddy,
Well, I receive 'em gladly
As they come up to my mind.

You gotta know when to back off,
Gotta know when to shut it down.
Sometimes it just ain't worth it
Trying to make it to the next town.
So kick off your boots, lay down your head,
That load won't go nowhere if your dead.
Ya gotta know when to shut it down.
(Repeat Chorus)

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Monday, May 23rd, 2011
4:41 pm
Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns
In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

Mediocre Madonna Impersonator.
Sunday, April 24th, 2011
10:37 am
Do You Trust Your Own Judgement?
A little over two centuries ago French Philosopher Voltaire predicted that within one hundred years no one would be reading the Bible. Today, in churches and households all over the planet, the Bible will be read by millions of people celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Voltaire's writings will be available at your local library in the dust filled section that no one cares about.

A few decades ago the New York Times published an article that asked the question "is God dead" in which the author put forward the idea that modern advancements were making belief in God obsolete. Today, over a billion people will worship God for the miracle of salvation. Meanwhile, the New York Times is struggling to stop the bleeding of lost subscribers and is busy selling off assets in a desperate attempt to avoid bankruptcy. The Bible is vibrant, Voltaire is irrelevant. God is alive, the New York Times is dying on the vine.

In the former Soviet Union belief in God was punished, sometimes with prison sentences. In America, believers flourish. The Soviet Union is dead and gone, America remains. I could go on and on like this. The examples of the difference between belief and non belief would take hundreds of pages to list and even then there might be no end to them.

To those who are not believers, I ask that you reconsider your position. You can tell whether a fruit tree is alive or dead by the fruit that it bears. Those who attack belief in God end up on the trash heap of history, those who believe wind up making history. As I write this there is a phenomenon going on in the world that is being deliberately under reported. In many nations you have to register your religion with the government. Every week, thousands upon thousands of people are officially changing their religion to Christianity. It's scaring the daylights out of Islamic clerics and terrifying the government of China. Islam is dying, atheism is dying, Christianity is thriving. The dead trees are bearing no fruit, the living tree is springing forward.

If you are a non believer, consider reading one book from the Bible just to test whether you are correct. If you read the book of John and still don't believe, fine, it's your choice. But are you so unsure of yourself, so insecure in your non belief that you are afraid to read a book that is only around forty pages long? Can you truly say that you are right to not believe if you have never even bothered to see for yourself what the big deal is? If you refuse to examine the matter for yourself, then I submit you are not only a coward, but you are being lead by what someone else has said and are too lazy and maybe too stupid to do the work yourself. Please, please, prove me wrong. Prove that you are brave enough, smart enough and industrious enough to read forty pages and see for yourself. Only then, only after you have examined the matter for yourself will you be qualified to pass judgement on the things of God. I trust your judgement. Do you?

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Friday, April 22nd, 2011
11:46 am
I'm Taking Back My Lawn Mower
A child resting comfortably in her mother's womb longs for nothing other than to be at peace in her tiny world. She is made content by the sound of her mother's heartbeat, nourished by food from her mother's body.
Suddenly there is a sound she has never heard before, followed by a sight she has never seen and a pulling sensation that spells danger. With the tiny amount of strength available to her, she seeks to avoid the vacuum cleaner that is threatening to take her, but she is not equal to the task. She is yanked from her mother's womb. She is gone.
Planned Parenthood performs thousands of abortions everyday. Planned Parenthood also receives hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds every year. The people who run the abortion mill claim that none of the federal money goes to fund abortions. There are two problems with that argument.
First is that Planned Parenthood can't prove their assertion. Between 2003 and 2008 the GAO is unable to account for $1.3 Billion dollars in federal money given to Planned Parenthood. It is entirely possible that some of the billion plus dollars did go to murder little girls and boys, but since Planned Parenthood is unable (or unwilling) to provide any accounting of the funds, we will never know.
Second is that it doesn't matter how they spend the federal money. If I told you that I want to kill children and I'm willing to do so with my own money, but I need your help paying my electric bill, how anxious would you be to find your checkbook to help me keep the lights on? If I told you I want to do something to teenage girls that would cause them to be driven by quilt and shame to become substance abusers out of proportion to their numbers, but I need your help with the landscaping bill to beautify the outside of the building where I will destroy their self esteem, would you cheer me on while emptying your wallet?
If Planned Parenthood wants to kill children and destroy their mothers' psyches in the process, the Supreme Court says they have every right to do so. But they don't have the right to my money while doing so. To Planned Parenthood I say, mow your own dammed lawn.

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Friday, April 1st, 2011
10:59 am
Rough Seas Ahead for America
For a while now I've been joking that we all need to invest in shotguns and canned goods. If I put all kidding aside, there is a concept from the Bible that rings true today; a wise man looks ahead to see what is going to happen and prepares for it. I'm not saying that I qualify as a wise man, but as I look ahead, I see a storm brewing the likes of which our nation has not seen. Ever. Including the Great Depression.

The CEO of Wal Mart said today that his company can no longer hold the line on prices. Costs of food, gas and clothing are about to rise significantly for customers and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. There are actions that could have been taken a year ago, but those actions weren't taken and now it's too late. Soon we will all see prices of basic items rise. As it happens, it will become increasingly difficult for ordinary people to use their cars for anything other than necessary travel. Buying groceries will involve making hard choices about how to feed a family on limited resources. Clothing purchases will be viewed as a luxury as many people find the price of cotton to be beyond their reach.

I wish I were exaggerating. I wish I were only getting this from sources that others may easily mock. But it's not coming from talk show hosts or religious fanatics. It's coming from serious financial analysts, solid professionals who say the storm is coming and the only options left are those that involve self protection.

To protect yourself from a round of high inflation and the inevitable chaos that will come with it, there are a few basic steps you can take.

First, buy a good supply of non perishable food, put it in your cupboards and forget it exists. When prices rise, you will be glad you did. Non perishables can keep for many years, so if I turn out to be wrong, it just means you have enough soup, rice, beans, canned fruits and vegetables, oatmeal and flour to last a while and there is no harm done.

Second, go shopping for clothes now. Buy enough blue jeans, underwear, socks, jackets, sweatshirts and t-shirts to last for years and the worst that will happen is you won't have to shop for those items for a while. Again, if I turn out to be wrong, you lose nothing. If I am right, however, you will thank me.

Third, if you have money in savings, consider turning at least half of it into hard currency, meaning not cash, but precious metals. Silver and gold can be bought in various amounts starting with one ounce coins. Silver is undervalued right now so a one ounce coin can be bought for about twenty four dollars, a bargain by historical standards. If inflation hits, as I believe it will, the money you have in the bank will lose value with each passing day. Gold and silver retain their value in times of inflation and sometimes go up in value as late comers flock to it, driving the price up. If I am full of it and no inflation is forthcoming, you can always cash in your coins with no loss to the value of your portfolio. You may even turn a small profit.

Other nations have endured times such as are heading our way. We have made all of the mistakes they made that brought it on their heads, and then some. It's too late to argue about how and why it happened or who is to blame. Those questions will sort themselves out. More important is the practical need to endure the coming storm. If you put yourself in position to protect yourself and your family, then you may find it possible to reach out and be a blessing to others who were not ready when the time came.

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
1:22 am
How America Lost World War II
After World War II, many Americans celebrated what appeared to be a victory. Then the group that Tom Brokaw called "the greatest generation" set about the business of losing the war that they had fought so hard to win.

While the rest of the industrialized world was in rubble, America was intact and open for business. So we did what no other nation in the history of the world would have done. We paid for the rebuilding of the defeated nations. It was our money that made it possible for friend and foe alike to return to industrialized status. Once they were up and running we continued to help them by allowing them to run trade surpluses with us. When they put up barriers to our products while providing government subsidies for their companies to export products to our shores, we put up no resistance. As one nation after another began to sell televisions, appliances and cars to us while refusing to buy our gadgets and vehicles, we simply shrugged. Our trade negotiators were willing to bend over backwards to help other nations achieve their objectives, thinking that we should be helping other nations to catch up to us. The resulting trade imbalance was slowly sucking our prosperity from us, but our government didn't notice. They were too busy bragging about how they had achieved a trade agreement.

In the late forties good jobs were easy to come by in this country. People came from all over the world to work here because we were the place to be. Our pre-eminent position as the only up and running manufacturer made us a little too sure of ourselves. Labor unions would make huge demands and American companies would give in to them without bothering to run the numbers by their own accounting departments. It didn't matter that the pension program was an actuarial nightmare. It wasn't important that the automatic cost of living adjustments could ruin the company. Rules protecting bad workers from being fired or even disciplined were unimportant. The production line had to keep running and a strike was unthinkable. Meanwhile in Japan companies took the advise of, oddly enough, American experts who taught them to reward excellent workers, get rid of bad workers and to tie employee pay to company profitability.

In Washington and in state capitals, politicians took advantage of our economic position by installing larger taxes than other nations place on their manufacturers. They furthered their political careers by imposing regulations on business to satisfy every special interest group with a beef. The result was a series of burdens on business that made many companies look beyond our shores for friendlier confines.

Politicians furthered damaged the nation by willfully ignoring the advent of illegal immigrants. As honest businessmen tried to comply with the law, dishonest men hired illegal aliens for a pittance, giving them a price advantage over the good guys. The honest companies were often forced to either go out of business, go overseas or turn dirty themselves and join the lawbreakers. The result of all three options was fewer jobs for Americans.

As jobs began to move to other nations, due to a combination of lower wages and benefits, less government regulation and increased competition from other nations recovering from the war or emerging from third world status, unions and government continued to act as if it was still okay to leech off of American businesses.

Only the businessmen could see that the gravy train was coming to an end, but when they reacted in the best interest of their shareholders, as they are required to do by law, they were dismissed as greedy, selfish and mean. Certainly, it could not be the fault of the eighty thousand dollar a year unskilled union member who refused to ever do anything beyond what the union contract required him to do. And it could not be the fault of politicians who placed millions of dollars of taxes on companies, then doubled the fun with regulations that required the company to spend millions more to comply. Only the guy who had to look at the numbers and make a decision bore responsibility.

World War II ended with a victory. But we treated that victory with a combination of guilt and arrogance that has lead us into a position where our former allies and enemies are now draining us dry of jobs through trade imbalances, lower wages and friendlier business climates. In retrospect, maybe we should have surrendered.

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Monday, March 28th, 2011
2:10 pm
How to Avoid Dying
Everyday we make hundreds, maybe thousands of choices. Most are as small as whether to have fries with our burger or whether to be patient with someone who is irritating us. Some are much larger. Occasionally we make life altering choices. All our choices, large and small, have something in common. On some level, each decision makes a difference as to whether we live or die.

We know that what we eat makes a difference in how long we live and in the quality of life. We know that how we drive our cars can determine whether we make it through the day. And yet, we find ourselves eating salt laden french fries with one hand and texting with the other while making our way through crowded traffic at seventy miles an hour. We might make it home alive doing that, but it doesn't change the fact that we chose to move closer to death by driving carelessly and by eating food that isn't healthy.

There are two cycles that operate constantly on this planet. The life cycle and the death cycle. With each decision, we move toward one and away from the other. Once we understand that, it becomes apparent that all decisions really boil down to a single question; do you want to live or do you want to die?

This is where morality comes in and why morality is important. That which uplifts and enhances the human condition is part of the life cycle and therefore moral. That which degrades or detracts from the human condition is part of the death cycle and therefore immoral. When people argue that morality is based on outdated concepts or is the province of religious nuts, they may not realize it, but they are arguing for the death cycle.

Fresh fruit and vegetables or junk food? Drive carefully or carelessly? Anger and stress or relaxation and peace? When you view decisions in terms of these two cycles, suddenly the choices become easier to make. It's not a matter of whether that one fry in the bottom of the bag will kill you, it's a question of which cycle you want operating in your life.

Awareness of the two cycles will move you to see what others miss when there is a choice to be made. This awareness of the life cycle vs. the death cycle will also bring to you a new perspective on major issues. Should I mock and insult the tea partiers who, in their Washington, D.C. rally left the city cleaner than they found it and protested so peacefully that police reported zero arrests? Should I be harsh in my criticism of good people, just because I disagree with some of their positions?

Similarly, should I support the union protesters in Wisconsin who disrupted meetings, trashed government buildings and threatened the lives of the children of legislators? Can I side with bad people, even if I nominally agree with some of their goals?

What kind of person do I want to be? Do I want to be part of the life cycle or part of the death cycle? Such questions give us a moral compass and help determine who we are. Perhaps that is what God meant when He said, "choose ye this day whom ye shall serve."

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
10:18 pm
Against Stupidity, God Himself Contends in Vain
I was thinking recently of a woman I tried to date who seemed to be as attracted to me as I was to her. But she turned me down, saying that I was too nice a guy for her, that she liked bad boys. I wonder, for women who share this trait, does it carry into other areas of your lives?

When your nose feels a bit runny, do you ever ask someone to hand you a Kleenex and then say to them, "no, I want the bad Kleenex, the one in the trash with snot in the middle and a little blood on the edge"?

When you walk into a bank, needing a complicated transaction taken care of, do you request the bad teller?

When you place your order at a restaurant, do you request that your steak be cooked by the bad chef, the one who will first under cook it, then spit on it when you send it back?

If you decided to return to school to advance your career, do you ask for the bad instructor? How about the bad car mechanic? The bad real estate broker? What on God's Blue Marble makes you think for one millisecond that a bad boy makes for a good relationship?

Why would you want to waste your one shot at life letting yourself be mishandled by a guy who will cheat on you, then tell you it's your own fault for not putting out enough? Do you really want to be with a guy who, if you get pregnant, will first demand you prove it's his, then try to talk you into an abortion, then break up with you and make you spend eighteen years fighting him for child support?

What part of your childhood went wrong that caused you to believe that you are not worth being treated as if you are special? I once heard a preacher say that God loves His sons, but He adores His daughters. If you don't know that you are His daughter, it's no wonder you would date the Devil's son.

Please, for your own sake, wake up, grow up, wise up, do whatever it takes to realize that you need to set a standard of decency in your life. Because the time you are wasting with a bad person is time taken from your life that cannot be recovered. Every minute you spend with a bad boy is a minute that a good guy who might be interested in you will move on to some other girl because he is too honorable to interfere with an existing relationship, even a poisonous one.

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Sunday, March 20th, 2011
10:40 pm
Submit and Be in Charge
If you are a woman, the first part of this will probably anger you. But if you will stick with me, I promise you will be happy by the end.

There is a principle in the New Testament of the Bible that a wife should submit to her husband. And she absolutely should...if he is doing his part.

You see, the problem most people have with this idea is that they haven't read it for themselves. They've heard one small part of a structure dealing with marriage and think that's all there is to it. The focus isn't supposed to be on the woman's obligation, it's on the man's job.

The husband has the task of loving his wife the way Christ loved the church(the church being defined in this instance as any believer). To understand that, it's not enough to know that Christ died for us, you need to know that he lived for us.

The worst day of Jesus' life was not the day he was crucified. He had already accepted that in the Garden of Gethsemane, so he was at peace with it. The worst day of his life was the day he found out that his cousin, his friend, his spiritual wing man John the Baptist had been killed by King Herod. Jesus was hurt when he got the news. He went off to a wilderness area to be alone and grieve. But a crowd found out where he was and headed toward him. When he saw them coming from a distance, he knew they wanted to hear him teach and to have him pray for them. He put aside mourning for his dear friend and took care of their needs. He lived for them, even on his worst day.

That is how a husband is supposed to love his wife. In big things and small, his focus should always be on her needs, even to the point of hurting himself. If he loves Italian food and hates Chinese but she is the opposite, when they are picking a restaurant he should suggest a Chinese place and not try to talk her into an Italian joint that she detests. If he's saving up for a world class fishing rod and reel and she needs some cash for a new dress for a friend's wedding, he should give her the money he's been saving so she can look good and just keep fishing with the old gear for a while longer.

If a husband is doing his part by loving her to the point of always being willing to put her needs and wants first, then the wife's task of submitting to him becomes easy. She gets to eat food that she enjoys, look good at weddings and know with absolute certainty that her husband loves her, really loves her. In return, he will find that his wife's love for him grows stronger with each new day and the rewards to him will be many times greater than a fishing pole or a plate of fettuccine alfredo.

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