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Submit and Be in Charge

If you are a woman, the first part of this will probably anger you. But if you will stick with me, I promise you will be happy by the end.

There is a principle in the New Testament of the Bible that a wife should submit to her husband. And she absolutely should...if he is doing his part.

You see, the problem most people have with this idea is that they haven't read it for themselves. They've heard one small part of a structure dealing with marriage and think that's all there is to it. The focus isn't supposed to be on the woman's obligation, it's on the man's job.

The husband has the task of loving his wife the way Christ loved the church(the church being defined in this instance as any believer). To understand that, it's not enough to know that Christ died for us, you need to know that he lived for us.

The worst day of Jesus' life was not the day he was crucified. He had already accepted that in the Garden of Gethsemane, so he was at peace with it. The worst day of his life was the day he found out that his cousin, his friend, his spiritual wing man John the Baptist had been killed by King Herod. Jesus was hurt when he got the news. He went off to a wilderness area to be alone and grieve. But a crowd found out where he was and headed toward him. When he saw them coming from a distance, he knew they wanted to hear him teach and to have him pray for them. He put aside mourning for his dear friend and took care of their needs. He lived for them, even on his worst day.

That is how a husband is supposed to love his wife. In big things and small, his focus should always be on her needs, even to the point of hurting himself. If he loves Italian food and hates Chinese but she is the opposite, when they are picking a restaurant he should suggest a Chinese place and not try to talk her into an Italian joint that she detests. If he's saving up for a world class fishing rod and reel and she needs some cash for a new dress for a friend's wedding, he should give her the money he's been saving so she can look good and just keep fishing with the old gear for a while longer.

If a husband is doing his part by loving her to the point of always being willing to put her needs and wants first, then the wife's task of submitting to him becomes easy. She gets to eat food that she enjoys, look good at weddings and know with absolute certainty that her husband loves her, really loves her. In return, he will find that his wife's love for him grows stronger with each new day and the rewards to him will be many times greater than a fishing pole or a plate of fettuccine alfredo.
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