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Against Stupidity, God Himself Contends in Vain

I was thinking recently of a woman I tried to date who seemed to be as attracted to me as I was to her. But she turned me down, saying that I was too nice a guy for her, that she liked bad boys. I wonder, for women who share this trait, does it carry into other areas of your lives?

When your nose feels a bit runny, do you ever ask someone to hand you a Kleenex and then say to them, "no, I want the bad Kleenex, the one in the trash with snot in the middle and a little blood on the edge"?

When you walk into a bank, needing a complicated transaction taken care of, do you request the bad teller?

When you place your order at a restaurant, do you request that your steak be cooked by the bad chef, the one who will first under cook it, then spit on it when you send it back?

If you decided to return to school to advance your career, do you ask for the bad instructor? How about the bad car mechanic? The bad real estate broker? What on God's Blue Marble makes you think for one millisecond that a bad boy makes for a good relationship?

Why would you want to waste your one shot at life letting yourself be mishandled by a guy who will cheat on you, then tell you it's your own fault for not putting out enough? Do you really want to be with a guy who, if you get pregnant, will first demand you prove it's his, then try to talk you into an abortion, then break up with you and make you spend eighteen years fighting him for child support?

What part of your childhood went wrong that caused you to believe that you are not worth being treated as if you are special? I once heard a preacher say that God loves His sons, but He adores His daughters. If you don't know that you are His daughter, it's no wonder you would date the Devil's son.

Please, for your own sake, wake up, grow up, wise up, do whatever it takes to realize that you need to set a standard of decency in your life. Because the time you are wasting with a bad person is time taken from your life that cannot be recovered. Every minute you spend with a bad boy is a minute that a good guy who might be interested in you will move on to some other girl because he is too honorable to interfere with an existing relationship, even a poisonous one.
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