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I'm Taking Back My Lawn Mower

A child resting comfortably in her mother's womb longs for nothing other than to be at peace in her tiny world. She is made content by the sound of her mother's heartbeat, nourished by food from her mother's body.
Suddenly there is a sound she has never heard before, followed by a sight she has never seen and a pulling sensation that spells danger. With the tiny amount of strength available to her, she seeks to avoid the vacuum cleaner that is threatening to take her, but she is not equal to the task. She is yanked from her mother's womb. She is gone.
Planned Parenthood performs thousands of abortions everyday. Planned Parenthood also receives hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds every year. The people who run the abortion mill claim that none of the federal money goes to fund abortions. There are two problems with that argument.
First is that Planned Parenthood can't prove their assertion. Between 2003 and 2008 the GAO is unable to account for $1.3 Billion dollars in federal money given to Planned Parenthood. It is entirely possible that some of the billion plus dollars did go to murder little girls and boys, but since Planned Parenthood is unable (or unwilling) to provide any accounting of the funds, we will never know.
Second is that it doesn't matter how they spend the federal money. If I told you that I want to kill children and I'm willing to do so with my own money, but I need your help paying my electric bill, how anxious would you be to find your checkbook to help me keep the lights on? If I told you I want to do something to teenage girls that would cause them to be driven by quilt and shame to become substance abusers out of proportion to their numbers, but I need your help with the landscaping bill to beautify the outside of the building where I will destroy their self esteem, would you cheer me on while emptying your wallet?
If Planned Parenthood wants to kill children and destroy their mothers' psyches in the process, the Supreme Court says they have every right to do so. But they don't have the right to my money while doing so. To Planned Parenthood I say, mow your own dammed lawn.
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