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Do You Trust Your Own Judgement?

A little over two centuries ago French Philosopher Voltaire predicted that within one hundred years no one would be reading the Bible. Today, in churches and households all over the planet, the Bible will be read by millions of people celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Voltaire's writings will be available at your local library in the dust filled section that no one cares about.

A few decades ago the New York Times published an article that asked the question "is God dead" in which the author put forward the idea that modern advancements were making belief in God obsolete. Today, over a billion people will worship God for the miracle of salvation. Meanwhile, the New York Times is struggling to stop the bleeding of lost subscribers and is busy selling off assets in a desperate attempt to avoid bankruptcy. The Bible is vibrant, Voltaire is irrelevant. God is alive, the New York Times is dying on the vine.

In the former Soviet Union belief in God was punished, sometimes with prison sentences. In America, believers flourish. The Soviet Union is dead and gone, America remains. I could go on and on like this. The examples of the difference between belief and non belief would take hundreds of pages to list and even then there might be no end to them.

To those who are not believers, I ask that you reconsider your position. You can tell whether a fruit tree is alive or dead by the fruit that it bears. Those who attack belief in God end up on the trash heap of history, those who believe wind up making history. As I write this there is a phenomenon going on in the world that is being deliberately under reported. In many nations you have to register your religion with the government. Every week, thousands upon thousands of people are officially changing their religion to Christianity. It's scaring the daylights out of Islamic clerics and terrifying the government of China. Islam is dying, atheism is dying, Christianity is thriving. The dead trees are bearing no fruit, the living tree is springing forward.

If you are a non believer, consider reading one book from the Bible just to test whether you are correct. If you read the book of John and still don't believe, fine, it's your choice. But are you so unsure of yourself, so insecure in your non belief that you are afraid to read a book that is only around forty pages long? Can you truly say that you are right to not believe if you have never even bothered to see for yourself what the big deal is? If you refuse to examine the matter for yourself, then I submit you are not only a coward, but you are being lead by what someone else has said and are too lazy and maybe too stupid to do the work yourself. Please, please, prove me wrong. Prove that you are brave enough, smart enough and industrious enough to read forty pages and see for yourself. Only then, only after you have examined the matter for yourself will you be qualified to pass judgement on the things of God. I trust your judgement. Do you?
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