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Eric's Lying, People are Dying

Attorney General Eric Holder is refusing to cooperate with a congressional investigation of the Fast and Furious operation, in which hundreds and hundreds of guns were sold by the government in an undercover deal to Mexican drug dealers. The government's idea was to then trace the guns and arrest the dealers. But they lost track of the weapons, which are now being used to kill hundreds of people, including Americans, including a border patrol agent. Eric Holder's DOJ has supplied documents at congress' request, but they are so completely redacted that many of the pages are nothing other than a big black square, covering everything that use to be on them. During Watergate, the Nixon Administration tried the same tactic, hiding behind "national security" to explain why they couldn't tell congress anything. The courts at the time ruled that withholding information to hide the truth was exactly the same as lying, or in legal parlance, committing perjury. Eric Holder is lying, people are dying.
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