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I Hear Barg's Has Bite

I am addicted to caffeine. More specifically, I am addicted to Pepsi. If I were to reveal how much of the stuff I drink, most people would express concern for my well being. But, today and tomorrow I will finish off a twenty four pack that I'm working on and that will be it for me. I won't quit caffeine, or even cola. Just Pepsi.

Recently I saw a posting on Facebook that linked to an article in which it was suggested that
Pepsi employs the services of a research company which uses cells from aborted fetuses in testing the taste of their diet products. The young lady who posted the link is pro choice, I am pro life. We are both disturbed by this prospect.

Two days ago I sent Pepsi an email with the article attached and asked them to tell me if it were true. I was hoping for a clear denial, a solid statement that said something to the effect that, "of course we're not using dead babies in our taste testing research and we're offended anyone would write such drivel about us." What I got was surprisingly less than that.

I received an email from a "no reply" address from a Pepsi public relations person who made two points in a carefully worded response. His first point was that the research company is not owned by Pepsi. His second point is that all research is being conducted in accordance with FDA regulations. Neither point address my concern. It appeared to be a deliberate sidestep. And since the email address will not accept emails, I can't use it to ask for a clarification, meaning I would have to start over at their web site with a new email if I wanted to continue the conversation with Pepsi. I won't and I don't. I simply won't be drinking their product anymore.

It won't be easy to quit, but it won't be impossible either. I like Faygo cola, don't mind RC and really enjoy an occasional root beer. I even enjoy Coke, in fountain form. If Pepsi can't give me a straight answer as to whether they are using dead babies to perfect their ability to get people to buy their products, then I will have little trouble freeing myself from them. I'm not THAT addicted.
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