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Ode to Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin developed quite a scheme,
Beautifully written in iambic tetrameter.
And within the work itself, study Tatiana's dream.
Behold therein the mind admired by Charles, Leo and Fyodor.
Consider how the stanzas go on for fourteen lines.
Contained within, a rhyme scheme, both complex and sublime.
Devote yourself, dear reader, to Onegin's woeful tale;
Diminished by a role reversal, with Tanya he did fail.
Eugene was given much and little was required.
Fortune brought shallow leisure and therein became a bore.
Forsaking all, he retreated, then a letter came to his door.
Even as you read the tale and the story is admired,
Give heed I pray, to both the structure and content of the compilation;
Give heed, dear friend, to the literary giant of the early Russian nation.
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