borriemoto (borriemoto) wrote,

George Washington Carver Was More Than You Think He Was

Every February I wait for someone discussing Black History Month to say something about George Washington Carver and it almost never happens. When someone does talk about him, it's to briefly mention peanuts or peanut butter. What everyone misses out on is that Carver single handedly invented modern industrial engineering using a few plain tables, some bottles he collected from back alleys and some tubes he found. As just one example of how important he is to the world, Henry Ford derived several important products from soybeans using processes Carver created. Without those products, without those processes, the mass production of automobiles would not have happened. Carver's handiwork is in virtually everything being manufactured today unless it was made using pre-Carver methods, which almost never happens anymore. And it is important to note how he came up with it all

Everyday, Carver went out to the garden near his lab and talked to God, whom he called, "Mr. Creator." One day he asked Mr. Creator to show him the mysteries of His universe. He felt inside himself that the answer was, "little man, you are too small to understand the mysteries of My universe, but I will show you something smaller. Get some peanuts and take them apart."

Carver spent the next weeks looking for every possible way to take a peanut apart. He cut them, smashed them, boiled them, set them on fire, anything he could think of. When he was satisfied that he knew everything there was to know about how to take apart a peanut, he asked Mr. Creator what he should do next. The answer came to him, "now, put it back together." And with that, the entire world changed.
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